ProductNamePrice (USD)Description
Space Panic VR (Room Escape)$6.99Space Panic VR (Room Escape) is a VR Escape Room unlike any other you've seen before. Set in the future aboard a space station, the game will challenge players to solve multiple complex puzzles in order to escape.

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Async Scheduler
$24.99Want to make your games run smoother or execute code from thread on main? Then use Async Scheduler!

Parallel for Unity
$7.99Parallel for Unity can make your games run faster!

Task for Unity
$15.99Task for Unity makes threads easier!

Procedural Nebula$23.99Procedural Nebula utilizes GPU Accelerated 3D Noise to generate virtually infinite nebulae
Inventory Framework$25.99[COMING SOON]
A scripting framework for managing Inventories. More flexible than most Inventory systems because it provides a generic scripting core. And is not designed around a game type or UI